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Jayme's birthday
2004-06-11, 2:00 p.m.

June 11, 2004

Today is Jayme�s, 28th birthday. I meant to call her at 7:30 this morning (the time of her actual

birth) to sing happy birthday, but I ended up calling her at eight and sang a warblely version of

Happy Birthday to her voice mail. Guess that will teach her to not be home when I call, now

anyone who listens to her voice mail will hear me sing � how awkward and amusing that will


One of my old classmates, who lives in Alaska, notified another of our classmates that she was

diagnosed with breast cancer. This was the message I received:

Cancer support members said it would be extremely helpful if she could get as many old friends

of her to send her cards, letters, and even pictures of ourselves in the mail. Somehow, this has a

way of helping deal with all she is going through and will be going through in the upcoming

weeks with radiation.

I have forwarded this message on to as many of her friends as I can locate. Today, while I was

in town, I found the funniest �get-well-type� card that I could find. Hopefully, she will laugh.

Birthday Jayme just e-mailed me with this message:

I decided today that I was going to color my hair. Actually, I decided to put in highlights because Mark

said, "No don't color all of your hair, just streak it. That would look nice, don't you think?" So I did,

thinking that it sounded like a good idea. NO SUCH LUCK!!!

My hair looks as bad as it did when it was "frosted" in the third grade only my hair looks orange and

blotchy and not totally white like it was years ago. I cried and then called the company to complain and

they instructed me to get a hair coloring kit to fix it and they even gave me instructions on how to do it

and which color I should use to fix it. And they are refunding me my money. So I hope I don't fry my

hair because of this, but what else can I do? I can't afford to go to a salon where they charge sky high

prices. And besides, who would watch the boys for me? Nobody. So I hope to God Mark didn't have

plans for me tonight, and if he does, I hope I can wear a hat to it.

Oh by the way I got your message this morning! Thank you for being the best mom ever! It made me

smile and laugh. I hope you had a good day at work and just know that I love you and despite my hair

problems, I will have a good day today. (try to anyhow)


Well, I guess NOW I know what she�s been up to; been there, done that!

This is just too pretty a day to sit here at this computer and type transcripts or even surf the

web. I�ve got brand new flowers to plant and weeds to pull. Bye for now.

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Jayme's birthday - 2004-06-11

Jayme's birthday - 2004-06-11